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West London + Queen\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Line

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    £ 285 K
    Price valid until 2022-05-29
    • 新房
    • One-Bed
    • 999年产权
    Listing address Apartment 6 Hawkins House, Filmworks Walk, 56 New Broadway, Ealing, London W5 5AH[Map]
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    1 bedroom, 1 bathroom(39㎡)
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    Building Information

    The development is located in Ealing, West London, which is considered one of the greenest boroughs in London with over 100 parks and large green areas.
    Close to the Broadway tube station, with transfers to 3 lines - Central, District Line and mainline - making it easy to get around, and the Queen\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Line cuts your commute time in half. The prestigious Harrow Public School, St Benedict\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Co-educational School and Durston House Preparatory Boys\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' College are all within easy reach of the development, offering access to a quality education in the English tradition.
    In addition, the development has a bustling leisure space with shops, restaurants and bars, making it a convenient place to live.

    • Usage area: 39 m²
    • Build time:2021Year6Moon
    • Property type:One-Bed
    • Decoration status:Finishing
    • Developer: 伯克利集团

    Project Features

    Sa presents Ealing Filmworks, a project in the "Broadway" area of London's West End.

    Part 1 : Exploring the literary aristocracy - Ealing district:

    There is a saying in the UK that "The power in the west", and among the western boroughs, Ealing has recently grabbed the headlines. The geographical concept of Ealing is no longer the same ......

    In accordance with the laws of the real estate market investment, this time everyone should immediately jerk off to Ealing to buy a house ah, do not rush, Lanza first give you analysis!

    What makes Ealing worth investing in?

    Downton Abbey

    When you think of Ealing, many Chinese people may think of the classic British drama Downton Abbey, produced by Ealing Studios. Ealing Studios has produced many famous TV series and films. Ealing Studios has been at the heart of the British film industry for many years, including Downton Abbey and The Theory of Everything, which was about Stephen Hawking's love life.

    The historic 'Broadway' area of the UK has been the location of many famous companies and celebrity studios due to its livable working environment and location. The Park Royal industrial estate in Ealing is one of the larger industrial estates in Europe. It is home to many famous companies, including Diageo, Joe and Seph's and the National Grid. There are also well-known companies such as Ferrero Rocher, Brompton Bicycles, Random 

    This 'old man' is Ferrero and he and his brand have sweetened the world

    Ealing was once named by Londoners as one of the ten "happy" places to live in the British capital, with a host of British celebrities born here, such as the naturalist Aldous Huxley and the English Premier League great Beckford.

    English Premier League star Beckford

    Ealing is also an area rich in traditional London education with Harrow Public School, St. Benedict's Co-educational School and Durston House Preparatory College for Boys also located here.

    The area's star development, Firham House, is within driving distance of Harrow Public School, a European aristocratic school where the likes of Churchill and Byron went global. The development is also close to the University of West London Ealing, a world university that has produced contemporary British celebrities such as McQueen, the Oscar-winning director of 12 Years a Slave.

    It's me, Churchill Bennell.

    Ealing has long been known as London's 'green lung', with over 100 parks and green spaces and numerous sports grounds, making it one of the greenest boroughs in West London. 16 parks in the area have been awarded the Green Flag, the UK's highest environmental accolade, since 2015.

    Ealing has long been well connected, with the London Underground Central and Regional lines passing through the area.

    As well as economic factors, the UK property market, like our own, is closely linked to the Crossrail, and because of its long history, no new Crossrail lines have been opened for a long time. The local press in the UK has reported that the Queen's Line is up there with the bigger transport improvements in the UK in 50 years. Ealing is no exception to this rule, and the Fearon House development at the mouth of the Queen's Line has naturallygone through the roof.

    Part 2: How to save money and effort when buying a home in Ealing, London

    Lansha has a young friend, Andrew, who has been living in the UK for ten years. As a little-known painter, he has his own personal studio in Ealing, where he has been working and living. Although I used to call him Erhei when I was a kid, we still call him Andrew now as a discreet gesture of consultation.

    When Lansa asked Andrew if the opening of the Queen's Line would lead to a big increase in property prices in Ealing, he said that in fact, like many cities in China, Ealing has its own city centre, and that the Queen's Line would benefit Ealing's city centre, which is near the aforementioned Ealing Broadway.

    He also talked about the recent expansion of his studio, renting 200 sq ft of British Land's flexible workspace brand Storey, located near the Ealing Broadway office in the W5 International Building. Andrew's neighbours, who are all high profile, include technology services company AP&A, REED specialist recruitment company and Mediability, a Nordic provider of services to the broadcast media industry.

    Talking about this, Andrew also shared the happy news that he has recently met love and is set to enter into marriage with a British girl at the end of the year.

    When the subject of home ownership finally came up, Andrew finally told him that he wanted to buy a project called Firham House. He said that unlike the 70-year property rights in China, the land had 999 years of ownership.


    Andrew also told us that the Fyre House combines shops, restaurants and bars with 69,453 square feet of retail and leisure space, including the Picturehouse cinema with eight cinemas; Dickens Yard and the Broadway Shopping Centre in Ealing are also within easy reach.

    Now, with the Lansa Group providing a one-stop home ownership service, all the major problems are solved. In fact, the advantages of buying a home in the UK are obvious, as the land underneath the property is yours to keep, such as the 999-year ownership of Firham House, which can be passed down for ten generations.

    In comparison, the data shows that the United States property tax accounted for a staggering 70% of the U.S. tax revenue, the United Kingdom in this regard is considered conscience. For example, Andrew's cousin, who is a Chinese resident, took out a loan in the UK through the UK branch of the Bank of China and successfully purchased the Firham Mansions.

    Part 3: A 360-degree view of the project, a good house is not afraid to look at it in detail

    Project appreciation:

    Project Highlights

    The project is located in the W5 postcode area, where the current average house price is over £700,000, and the amount of business growth is equally impressive, with far more VAT registered businesses than any other area in the West End of London.

    Ealing is known as one of London's greener boroughs, with beautiful parks and open green spaces.

    With access to Westfield, one of Europe's larger shopping malls, by underground, living is equally convenient and prices are only two-thirds of the borough's.

    When the Elizabeth Line officially opens, it will take you from Ealing Broadway station near Firmin Public House to Oxford Street and Heathrow Airport. This is currently covered by the Tube night bus service.

    Educational resources

    The Ealing area, including the revered Christ The Saviour Secondary School and Drayton Manor Secondary School. This educational talent extends to institutions such as Brunel University.

    Commercial Facilities

    Whether it's retail shops, cafes, pubs, schools or gyms, there's something for everyone.


    In addition to the various locations and amenities, the interior of the Firmin Mansion is historically inspired, highlighting its historical flavour.

    Project details

    Location: Ealing, London

    Developer: St. George

    Type: Residential

    Age of ownership: 999 years

    Standard of finish: Fully furnished, turnkey

    Interior features: flooring, carpet, washing machine, wardrobe, oven, microwave, fridge, dishwasher, underfloor heating, fresh air system, etc.

    Community facilities: 24-hour concierge, video access, gym, commercial street, 10-year building insurance, garden terrace, fitness terrace, etc.

    Delivery date: Q1-Q2 2021

    Property rates: £4/ft

    Ground rent: £150-£400

    Buying process

    1. A non-refundable deposit of £2,500 to £10,000 is payable at the time of booking (deposit adjusted according to the type of flat)

    2. A contract is required at the time of booking

    3. 10% of the purchase price (less the deposit) within 21 days of signing the contract

    4. 10% of the total purchase price to be paid 12 months after the payment of the exchange contract

    5. The final payment will be made before the delivery of the property. (You can proceed with the loan 6 to 9 months before handover)

    Building Location

    Traffic Conditions

    • Nearby tube: Broadway Station
    • Queen\\\'s Line 1 stop direct to Paddington
    • 5 stops to Old Financial City (Liverpool Street)

    Project Facilities

    • Gym

    • Garden

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