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伦敦一区,价格二区 London Zone 1, Pric

Property Number:039002524

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  • Total Price
    £ 751 K
    Price valid until 2022-05-29
    • 新房
    • One-Bed
    • 999年产权
    Listing address 283 Kennington Ln, London SE11 5QY[Map]
    House type
    One room and one bathroom(59㎡)
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    Building Information

    The property is a super cost-effective project located in the 1.5 district of London. Lambeth, where the project is located, has many famous buildings such as the London Eye. The project is adjacent to the three major subway stations and easily accessible to all parts of London. It has access to many universities and has a strong cultural and academic atmosphere.

    Not far from the project is the legendary Kia Oval cricket court in England, which is a paradise for sports enthusiasts. There are more than 60 parks in this area, which can be called the oasis in the city. The nearby Kenington Park is the treasure of this area, which can be reached by walking from the project.
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    • Usage area: 59 m²
    • Build time:2024Year7Moon
    • Property type:One-Bed
    • Decoration status:Finishing
    • Developer: 伯克利集团

    Project Features

    Before introducing Ouwo Garden, let's give you a brief introduction to the Lambeth district where the project is located.

    Many people are very strange to this area, but the famous ones mentioned here are the London Eye located in this area and Big Ben on the other side. In terms of geographical location, it is second only to several other administrative districts on the north bank of the Thames River in London.

    The London Eye

    London Borough of Lambeth is an administrative district of central London in England and is located in the London borough of Lambeth in London. The official name of the district is Lambeth, but after the viaduct of the railway station separated the past town center from the Thames, it is more known to the world with the name of Waterloo.

    The transportation in Lambeth area is very convenient. The two sides are connected by several different bridges. You can walk to the other side or take transportation.

    The Brixton and Waterloo railway stations in the region are frequently used by Londoners. Waterloo Station is an important railway and common station railway station in London, England. It is located in Lambeth District, London, near the south bank. The station consists of 4 adjacent railway stations and 1 bus station. Subway and ground rail are also distributed throughout the area, which is very convenient.

    In addition, the area between Vauxhall and Battersea Park witnessed the larger London real estate construction projects since the Great London Fire in 1666

    The area is also close to the South Bank Cultural and Art Center and the South Bank CBD. Many famous people stand here.

    If you want to feel the artistic atmosphere, you can go to theatres, concert halls, museums and art galleries; In order to meet the needs of the tongue, there are also innumerable bars, cafes, restaurants, and famous food markets in London. In order to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Britain, there are more tourist punch points such as the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Millennium Bridge, etc.

    In order to protect the creative industry in London, support artists and entrepreneurs, provide them with affordable working space, and provide more employment and training opportunities for the local people in London, London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced the launch of the London Creative Industry Park plan at the media conference in the City Hall on December 17, 2018.

    This will be a new working space for creative, technological and social enterprises. Lambeth is one of the six regions that have been committed to creating jobs and providing more affordable work space.

    Today's new project, oval village, is located in this area, which can let you experience the charm of British life without losing the prosperity and vitality of urban life.

    Ouwo Garden is a new residential community, which is located in the busy streets between the first and second districts of London. It stands side by side with many famous buildings in London. It can walk to the three busy subway stations and go to the central areas of London at will. It is the choice of commuter white-collar workers and students.

    There are several owners' gardens and open landscape gardens in the community for owners to relax and relax. The owners can also enjoy supporting facilities and services, 24-hour concierge, gym and swimming pool, which enrich your life and give you a better experience.

    Oval Village is located between Vauxhall (Zone 1) and Oval (Zone 2), adjacent to central London. Walk to the Thames River and enjoy the scenery along the river. Close access to famous buildings in London. The picture below shows the night scene of the project. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of London at home.

    Convenient transportation

    Adjacent to the three major subway stations, you can walk to Vauxhall, Oval and Kennington stations (North Line and Victoria Line). The stations have frequent trains, which can provide you with convenient travel experience and easy access to all parts of London.

    If you love sports, the legendary Kia Oval cricket court in the UK is not far away from the project. It is a paradise for sports enthusiasts.

    If you want to enjoy a peaceful life, there are more than 60 parks in this area, which can be called an oasis in the city. Kenington Park is the treasure of this area, and you can walk from the project. Whether relaxing or taking a walk with your dog, it is a pleasant choice. In addition, there are Bernington Square Amusement Garden with charming Bohemian style, and Vauxhall City Farm.

    Project name: Oval Village

    Unit type: Manhattan/1/2/3 bedroom

    Property right period: 999 years

    Price: from £ 745500

    Delivery time: Q4 2022/Q1 2023 (West Zone)

    Q4 2023/Q1 2024 (South Zone)

    Decoration standard: fully refined decoration delivery, check in with bags

    Supporting facilities: 100000 square feet of supporting commercial space, including shared office space, cafes and community centers; Provide 24-hour concierge service; Swimming pool and gym; Owner's private garden

    Building Location

    Traffic Conditions

    • 3 subway stations: Vauxhall
    • Oval and Kennington
    • 2 subway lines: North Line and Victoria Line
    • 4 non-stop stops to Oxford

    Project Facilities

    • Indoor Swimming Pool

    • Gym

    • Underground garage

    • Entrance elevator

    • Garden

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