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    £ 826 K
    Price valid until 2022-05-29
    • 新房
    • Two-Bed
    • 999年产权
    Listing address City Road, Islington, London EC1V 2AB[Map]
    House type
    one room (57㎡)
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    Building Information

    The project is located in Islington District, with convenient transportation. It is adjacent to the King\\\'s Cross District of Google\\\'s new headquarters, and it is within walking distance to the London Science and Technology City. More than 400000 elite people work around. The East End of London has a strong artistic atmosphere and is known as the traditional capital of art. There are abundant educational resources, and there are many famous primary and secondary schools and colleges in London. The community has a beautiful environment. All rooms are equipped with terraces, balconies or winter gardens. High-rise residents can have a panoramic view of the skyline of the City of London. Adjacent to the Regent Canal, it is a choice for residents to walk and relax.

    • Usage area: 57 m²
    • Build time:2023Year6Moon
    • Property type:Two-Bed
    • Decoration status:Finishing
    • Developer: 伯克利集团

    Project Features

    Project features:

    1. Project introduction

    Property rights

    Property right in 1999

    Completion date

    The project will be delivered from 2018 to 2020, and the time varies according to the floor.

    Design team

    The project was designed by Foster Architects, and the design team was founded by architect Norman Foster in 1967, located in London, England.

    The works of Foster Architects include the British Political and Economic Library, Hong Kong International Airport, HSBC Group Building, Millennium Bridge, British Museum, London "Little Cucumber", etc.

    Foster Architects is also very careful in interior decoration design, and has designed three alternative decoration styles for the City Light Project.

    upporting facilities

    Residents can enjoy the open rooftop gym, green platform and residents' rest area on the eighth floor

    • 75000 ft high-end supporting complex office building

    The 1-3 floors will be leased to TMT industry (digital new media industry) and media innovative enterprises.

    NHow Creative Designer Hotel

    The nhow hotel in east London, which will be completed in 2019, includes 190 beds and is also designed by Foster.

    4000 square meters retail block

    • There is a 20-meter indoor swimming pool on the ground floor and 24-hour concierge property management service in the community

    Perfect configuration, beautiful interior

    Siemens home appliances, thermostatic floor, comfortable cooling system and other supporting facilities are set inside.

    Community environment

    High-storey residents can overlook the skyline of the London Financial Center and have a panoramic view of the city

    More than 2000 acres of green gardens are planned in the community to form an oasis in the city

    Community environment and project exterior facade renderings

    estate management

    The community has 24-hour concierge property management service.

    House type and price

    The unit spacing is diversified, including open type, 1 to 3 rooms and top floor characteristic apartment types. Starting at £ 755000.

    2. Geographic location

    Convenient transportation

    Located between Old Street and Angel Metro Station, bordering four administrative districts

    Fashion resorts Islington and Shoreditch

    Walk to King's Cross

    The King's Cross District has superior transportation and geographical location. The St. Panoras Railway Station in the region is the starting station of the high-speed train "European Star", which can easily reach Paris, Brussels, Lille and other famous European cities.

    In 2016, Google's UK headquarters settled in King's Cross, London. The staff in this new office building are mainly responsible for the R&D and operation of several Google backbone products.

    Not only Google, King's Cross has become the UK headquarters of companies in various industries, including Louis Vuitton LV, BNP Paribas in the banking industry, PRS for Music in the music industry, and so on.

    King's Cross Station is the gateway station to important areas and cities in London's North 5-8, central and northern England and Scotland. At the same time, the six subway lines gathered here make the region an incomparable transportation hub.

    The Queen's Line starts from Reading Town in London in the west and ends at Sheffield Town in the east. There are 40 railway stations along the line, with a total length of 75 miles;

    Residents can take the Queen's Line from Farrington Station (within walking distance from the project site) to Heathrow Airport.

    educational resources

    The surrounding educational resources are rich. Residents can enjoy the educational resources from primary schools to secondary schools to universities. Drive from the bedroom to the classroom.

    elementary education

    Hanover Primary School: local primary school

    City and Islington College: local high school

    Higher Education

    Castle Business School of City University of London: located in the center of the City of London, London, is a business school affiliated to City University London

    London School of Economics and Political Science: social science education and research institutions, QS University ranked top in social science and management in 2014-2015

    Building Location

    Traffic Conditions

    • 出门即是科技城,2站到金融城 Go out to the Science and Technology City
    • and take two stops to the Financial City
    • Metro station near the project: angle&old street
    • UCL、UAL 通勤距离内 Within the commuting distance of UCL and UAL

    Project Facilities

    • Indoor Swimming Pool

    • Gym

    • Café/Bar

    • Underground garage

    • Entrance elevator

    • Garden

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