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How much do you know about the types of flats and houses in the UK?



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When buying a property in the UK, buyers need to choose the right property. However, before making a choice, buyers need to have an understanding of the types of homes available in the UK property market. There are two main categories of housing in the UK: houses and flats. Within each category there are a number of sub-categories. Today, we will focus on the flat type. Flats are one of the most traded property types in the UK property market. There is a certain way of classifying this type of housing, from the smallest flats to the most expensive flats.

  1. En suite independent dormitory (with own bathroom)

  This type of accommodation is usually the most popular type of dormitory or flat for international students. They are small, self-contained flats with their own bathroom and toilet. This type of accommodation is perfectly suited to the needs of international students.

  2. Studio flat

  A studio flat is a flat with a single room, which includes a kitchen and bathroom. It is more like a dormitory than an independent house, but also has a more homely feel to it.

  3、Council Housing Public Housing / Government Housing

  This type of housing is actually government housing. The rent for council housing is usually half or less than the rent for a normal home in the same type of accommodation and location. These homes are provided by the government to help special needs and low income families to obtain basic housing security.

  This type of housing is usually flats in large buildings which are much larger than the average house, but are relatively inexpensive. However, the application requirements for this type of housing are very strict and are not suitable for most overseas buyers.

  4. Flat / Apartment Apartments

  A flat is a relatively common type of house in the UK and is well known to most people; flat is often used as a term for flats in the UK, while apartment is more commonly used by Americans. These flats are often built in non-central areas of the city with easy access to work, making them a popular choice for white and gold collar workers. If you are interested in this type of housing, we have an extensive library of information available from our property experts.

  5、Split-Level Flat / Maisonette / Duplex

  This type of house is known as a split-level flat and is sometimes referred to as a duplex in the UK because the space is divided into two levels, often connected by stairs. Some of the more spacious houses also have gardens and three bedroom family home types are very common.

  6. Penthouse Penthouse / Luxury Penthouse

  This type of home is usually located on the top floor of a luxury residential building and offers a 360 degree view of London's West End.

  If you are interested in this type of property you can also ask our property experts for advice.


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