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  • 蓝思颖 Cherrie蓝莎集团CEO
    Cherrie Lan , CEO

    Cherrie used to work at Savills and Gateway Capital. In 2012, she won the entrepreneurship award of the University of Liverpool and the UK Trade Agency (the top 30 in the UK). She graduated from London Economics (LSE) of the postgraduate study in real estate finance. In the year of 2014, she won the London political and economic (LSE) best entrepreneurial model award, and was endorsed by the university to obtain the qualification of excellent entrepreneur immigration.

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  • 朱鸿鑫 Jimmy华东区域总监
    Jimmy Zhu Sales manager of Eastern China

    Jimmy has more than 8 years of working experience in the overseas real estate industry and a strong degree of professionalism. He also has a comprehensive understanding and research of domestic and foreign markets, and has a lot of background knowledge and experience. He can quickly make plans and arrangements for buying and selling actions, and successfully helps hundreds of families realize the British landlord plan, including many parents who want to "support their studies with their houses" in the UK.

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  • 张培 Penny华西区域总监
    Penny Zhang Sales manager of Western China

    Penny used to work at Savills, engaged in professional real estate consulting for many years, served hundreds of high net-worthing customers. She also had many on-site investigation experience in British real-estate industry, designed customized solutions for customers. She had unique opinions on overseas real estate consulting, helped customers make a reasonable analysis of their future lifestyle and global asset allocation as well.

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  • 孟燕茹 Karen华北区域总监
    Karen Meng Sales manager of Northern China

    Karen graduated from the school of government and management of Peking University, withing 12 years of practical experience in the overseas real estate industry. She is fairly familiar with the housing and immigration policies of Britain, America, Canada, Australia and Europe, and has rich experience in overseas asset allocation and identity planning. She has been interviewed by BTV (Beijing TV), international news portal "surging news", "Global Times" financial and real estate magazines "red real estate", "Qian Jing" and "World Expo" and other media and magazines for several times.

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  • Vincent Chen华北区域总监
    Vincent Chen Taipei sales director

    From Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu to Shenzhen Branch, I have followed the development and growth of Lansha's business all the way, and I have witnessed again and again that Lansha provides our customers with a truly professional one-stop service for British home ownership. Now I am very honored to be responsible for the establishment and operation of Lansha's Taipei office. In the future, Lansha will not only bring more timely and comprehensive information about the development of the British housing market and high-quality real estate projects to Taiwan Province customers, but also believe that Lansha's professionalism and services will surely win the trust and support of all customers!

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